Best Apps for Health Conscious People

Best apps for fitness


It is one of the most dominant apps which not only helps you build a strong workout routine but also allows you to have proper guidance about your physical behavior. Also, it allows you to balance your life with the comparison of other great motivated individuals.

Couch to 5k

This is one another best app for runners which help them get ready for making longer runs than ever before! This app just requires 9 weeks of time to take your run from some meters to maximum 5 kilometers. Moreover, to make your run more interesting, this app offers you an audio music feature while you are running!


Are you really worried of your diet? If yes, then Fooducate offers you its ultimate feature of scanning the product code for generating a nutrition grade that helps you know what is better for you to eat! Once you know what are you eating, and then it becomes easier for you to craft your own diet according to your need.


Most of the people get irritated with their diet because they do not know about the healthy diets! Restaurants offer a variety of food but no one knows what’s best for their health! But, HealthyOut is the best app for fitness that suggests you the best menu to eat from the restaurant so that you keep yourself healthy.


Nudge is one of the best apps for fitness especially those who do workout or exercise because this app keeps the complete log of your past 30 days workout routine and helps you compare your results with your friends and family in order to improve your health.

Best apps for pregnancy

Ovia Fertility

This app is actually designed to make the pregnancy process easier for you because it has got some quizzes to help you conceive more quickly. This app is full of necessary functions that keep you clear about this whole process.

Full Term

Full Term is one of the best apps for pregnancy that keep the track of time with the help of timing log. It gives you all the required necessary information about the times contractions before the contractions arise.

BabyBump Pregnancy Pro

Baby Bump Pregnancy Pro is the best app for pregnancy for the parents-to-be because it connects all the pregnant women globally to discuss more about pregnancy. The interface of this app is really amazing. The pink and blue color of this app adds livelier image of the pregnancy for the people. In short, it is actually a pregnancy forum!

My Pregnancy Today

This one app covers all the videos and pictures of your pregnancy process as well as a lot of questions are answered in your nine plus months period!

Pregnancy ++

This pregnancy app keeps you motivated because it contains the blue-green and white screen images of the baby! People spend hours gazing at the pictures and enjoy the fun facts about pregnancy and babies at the same time!

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