Recycling: Kitchen, Home and Garden

Recycling is a very handy art. It helps you turn a useless waste item into a usable item again. This is not only practical, it is light on your pocket and great for the environment too. Recycling is not only confined to specialized processing of plastic or paper into usable materials. You can recycle everyday use items at your home for several different purposes. You would be surprised to know how so many things that you normally threw out as waste could be of great utility to you. From empty shampoo bottles to beer cans and empty cookie boxes to Pringle jars, you could transform them into various items to serve several special purposes. Recycling is sensible; it is something that should be practiced more often in households.

Why Is It Important To Recycle?

There is no such thing as “throw away”. Anything you may throw away, must end up somewhere. You would be overwhelmed by the alarming amount of increase in the pollution. The waste pollutes land, air and water. This harms the ecosystem in a terrible manner. Several thousand fishes, land animals and other living things are affected by the waste you throw out. In order to put an end to the harm inflicted upon our ecosystem, the need for recycling is imminent. It is imperative to recycle, as to create a healthy living environment for mankind and all other living creatures.

How Can You Recycle?

Instead of simply throwing out the used items from your kitchen, home or garden, you could sort them into different categories. You could begin by sorting the trash into bottles, metal cans, plastics, papers etc. Certain local bodies offer door-to-door collection facility for such items. Otherwise, you could take the waste to a local recycling center. This would make you a responsible human being, playing your part in achieving a better planet for all living things.

Materials Which Can Be Recycled

Essentially most of the items you throw out, can possibly be recycled into items with full utility. However, a few materials are easier to recycle and they have more utility than the rest. Here are a few;

* Paper

Thousands of trees are cut to provide you high quality paper. Mostly, paper is used just for a temporary need. Paper can be recycled most easily. Recycling high quality office paper can produce a high quality by-product. However, low quality paper may only provide you lower quality by-product.

* Waste from Kitchen and Garden

You could recycle a lot of the waste material from your kitchen and garden into compost. Compost is formed through the biodegradation of organic waste. It is a rich earth-like material which is crumbly in nature. This is great for use in your garden given to its richness in nutrients. It will help your plants grow.

* Plastics

The biggest pollution problems of all, are linked to plastic waste. There are different types of plastics, which require to be recycled in a special way. Your local facility for recycling will put your plastic to the best use. Be sensible; recycle your waste items from kitchen, home and garden. This will help promote a better environment in which to live.

G Clark